Dear Camera is Nikon's Service Center for all NIKON photo products

Compact cameras - Analog camera bodies - Digital camera bodies - Manual optics - AF optics - Zoom optics - Zoom AF-S N optics - Stabilized optics - Scanner.

Since 1999 Dear Camera stands out throughout the Italian territory

for the competence, professionalism and passion with which it follows and takes care of your products and you customers.
From professionals to simple amateurs, we offer assistance to the product in respect for the narrow specifications of the house having latest generation technology provided by the same for diagnosis and calibration. The staff is highly qualified thanks to continuous updating courses and over twenty years of experience, as well as to the continuous support of LTR Service, the pilot assistance center of Nikon Italia: NITAL


We restore the operation of all Nikon analog and digital products , following the house standards
We carry out the repair of all NIKON-NIKKOR optics : mechanical, electronic, motorized, stabilized – whether they have been damaged (by impact, flooding, fall, mold / fungus),
and for normal routine checking of features including collimation and verification of the optical axis. The same services are also applicable to the Hasselblad, Yashica, Metz, Contax and Pentax brands .


Check-up and first technical check immediate and free in the acceptance phase.
1-year warranty on Nikon reflex cameras in production and 6-month warranty on intervention performed for all types of cameras.


For urgent repairs, an emergency service is always available with the possibility of using, in extreme cases, replacement equipment .


Professionals in possession of NPS card benefit from the advantages offered on the repairs of their products.

Those who work with photography, even if not in possession of the aforementioned card, can take advantage of numerous repair advantages.


You can find a wide range of Nikon accessories for both analog and digital systems to give maximum care to your equipment.


After the repair, our assistance service will send you an email or we will contact you by phone. You will be assisted by our staff for testing the repaired product upon collection.
For customers coming from outside Rome we give a special welcome: by fullfil the form below you can take advantage of the free resend of the post repair device. This service was created to bring Nikon customers closer to the care of their equipment. Bear in mind that the service centers are only in Rome, Florence, Turin .

Dear Camera. Assistance, repair and services for Nikon cameras Promotion free reshipment: print this document and insert it in the package you will send (only for those who reside outside the Municipality of Rome); the return on delivery insured will be free! New! We still reduce the shipping costs with a 10Euro discount on the repair done (not applicable on the re-approved quotes). The promotion on the free reshipment is valid only for repairs that actually took place and not only for Check-ups and checks (ex: defects not found) that by virtue of the registration they are still free.NB: this promotion cannot be combined with a 10% discount for those registered on the site, it is reserved for residents outside the Municipality of Rome and is valid for only one product.


    All current promotions apply only to products with the Nital warranty certificate. Please note that by registering on the website your products will be distributed by Nital within a month from the purchase, you will have
    also a guarantee extension as provided for by the Nital card .
    Warranty repairs for Nikon and Nital products in Italy are carried out only and exclusively by LTR Service Srl of Turin (no other center is authorized to carry out warranty repairs on behalf of Nikon). For these products we provide free and insured shipping every Wednesday towards LTR Service Srl. The material must be send together with a fiscal document of purchase and warranty certificate Nital or Nikon Europa. We suggest our customers to send the material by 12:00 on Tuesday, in order to be included in the shipping on Wednesday.
    It will be our care to carry out an immediate check up in order to assess the condition of the product and the presence of defects, all in your interest.

    Upon return of the material we will contact you for collection by email and / or telephone.

    For more information on the warranty transfer service, do not hesitate to call us.