The guarantee issued by our laboratory is 6 (six) months, and covers spare parts and labor relating to repairs carried out. Of course the warranty is void in the event of damage caused by bumps, liquids, sand, neglect or incorrect use of the appliance.

We will send your device directly to your address. The shipment is made by Post, or if you wish by your trusted courier. We remind you that the transport is still at the expense of the owner of the appliance sent for repair.

Yes, but with the limitations of the individual case. However, it is always possible to ask to speak with a technician to go into this aspect.

No. We repair 35mm cameras, reflex cameras, large formats and analog and digital cameras of the following brands: Nikon, Hasselblad, Metz, Yashica, Contax and Nikonos.

In the event that your camera needs to be sent to our laboratory, we recommend using a sturdy cardboard box larger than the machine at least 4/5 centimeters per side. Close the machine in a plastic bag and place it in the center of the box filling the empty spaces with polystyrene or foam. The camera must not be in direct contact with the walls of the box. IMPORTANT: attach a note with your name, surname, address complete with CAP and TELEPHONES! Also describe in a few words the problem that your appliance presents (eg “The flash does not work”, “Do not shoot”, “Do not carry the film”, etc.). If the appliance is under warranty, also enclose the original warranty certificate with receipt, invoice or receipt of purchase in order to determine the start date of the warranty. Put everything in the box, and after closing it well, try to shake it, you don’t have to move anything. Write recipient and sender clearly visible on the outside. Do not use cardboard bags, laminated or padded, they are not suitable for delicate objects like these.

Yes, you can send the appliance by post, we recommend an insured package for an amount of 516 euros or more called j + 1 or j + 3 (1g, 3 days) or request the service of a trusted courier, but always insured shipments (read the clauses). Write on the document “strum. optical. ” We do not accept parcels assigned to you.