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The great return to analogue photography

In recent years we as a service center have found a significant increase in the request for repair of analogue cameras, works that we carry out with the dictates of the house and also with much more pleasure and satisfaction.

Statistically we can tell that as far as the Nikons are concerned, what has been most needed to be updated and revised were: the replacement of light infiltration sponges, the flying sponges mirror, cleaning of: reflex box, focusing screens and film compartment as well as small oxidations. In addition: the review and cleaning of the battery compartment and the battery cover, the calibration of the focus, the calibration of the shutter speed and times, as well as the calibration of the exposure meter. The mold cleaning of the optics and the revision of the oil diaphragms.

It is therefore a pleasure to start talking again about the language that has made photography so popular and popular.